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Martin Molotts

Martin was born in 1748. His father, Larance, was enslaved by Waterbury' Captain Samuel Hickcox. His mother, Judah, a Native American, appears to have been free. Martin, “servant of Capt. Hickcox,” was baptized in Waterbury's Episcopal church on May 28, 1749.

In 1752, Martin became an indentured servant to Hickcox; the contract promised his freedom upon reaching the age of 24, in January of 1772. The contract also described the transaction as a sale and stated that Martin's mother had given Martin to Hickcox before her death.

As part of the contract, Samuel Hickcox was required to teach Martin to read, instruct him in the catechism, and provide him with good food, drink, shelter and clothing. The contract also obligated Hickcox to provide Martin with two good outfits, suitable for Sabbath days and for working days, when Martin was freed.

Because he was of mixed race, Martin was given the last name of Molotts, a variant of mulatto.

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Martin Molotts' Indentureship Contract
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Martin Molotts' Indentureship Contract, 1752
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